What is Finance News Brief?

Finance News Brief is for people who need to know the current news in order to make financial decisions. Often times, it’s difficult to read through an entire newspaper to get the main points of the stories. At FNB, we manually process dependable news media and pick out important stories and filter out the facts for you.

When is Finance News Brief updated?

FNB is updated periodically throughout the day as news comes in.

Where does Finance News Brief get it’s information?

FNB staff follows major news organization publications that are available to the public. The sources are always linked at the bottom of each News Brief where you have the option of reading the entire article, or subscribing to the source to read more.

How does Finance News Brief come up with its stories?

FNB staff monitors trending news stories and then hand-pick articles based on two factors.

  1. Major news stories that you need to know about.
  2. Stories that will impact the decisions you make regarding business and finance.

The writers will then give you a story wrapped up in a few sentences and facts presented in an easy to read, scannable format.

Why does Finance News Brief provide news summaries?

It can be tough reading through news stories, wading through the fluff, in order to get pertinent information. Of course, there is an audience for in depth and developed stories, but not everyone has the time to read everything – all the time. FNB was created to fill the need for readers who need information in an easy to read, quick, and efficient manner. Readers of FNB always have the option of going to the source attributed at the end of each News Brief and reading the original article.

Why doesn’t Finance News Brief have any images?

Access to images from AP or stock photography portals are expensive! As a frugal start up, we want to provide valuable content to our readers without charging a subscription fee. Plus, we want to remove as much extraneous information as possible so the site will load quickly.